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Never Alone
9 stanzas

i'm not alone; never alone
the tears hide under stones
it's time to find myself again
leaves heal my broken bones

done counting forward
it's time to count down
tape up the wounds now
dust off my rusted crown

time, you've held me steady
but your hands must untie
because this time, my old friend,
i'd much rather live than die

digging out of hell, i scream
scaring away those feelings
here's to killing confining walls
and lifting blood-stained ceilings

anthems ring from treetops
and the windows reopen to see
how the clouds reveal their silver
how this door has opened for me

this is sweet compromise
forgiveness will break my chains
and i'll banish these memories
only to burn away my pains

the bridges are rebuilding
while i've got more to cross
i'll find them when i get there
all overgrown with moss

days will keep their pace
and i'll leave oceans behind
i'll embrace what i can grasp
existing without trying to rewind

i'm not alone; never alone
but this war isn't over yet
celebrations are for victories
ones that i won't regret
Yesterday was a success, but I have to be ready for what's coming next.
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July 25, 2010
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