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8 stanzas

so hesitant to this new feeling
and i can't see straight anymore
it's happening, it's happening
but i try to hide away and ignore

your adoration awakens a fear
a new anxiety hidden within me
stuck between shyness and love
while with myself i still disagree

it's not confusion i feel today
so please don't get me wrong
i'm just used to the loneliness
because i've felt it for so long

but i can see that you're lovesick
with your sedative "i love you"s
you say you've never been happier
and i know i can't refuse

one minute and you miss me
and i battle within my heart
because this new feeling hurts
but the sting won't let me depart

and as i think of you again
i gradually accept this feeling
because after a winter of agony
i know i'm finally healing

though i don't understand
why this sadness still lingers
i can feel blissful happiness
at the tips of my fingers

you can't deny that you're lovesick
and i can see it plainly in your eyes
as your words melt softly into my skin
and a mistake from the past slowly dies
Yeah... no time to explain...

Poem © Bef
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Submitted on
April 7, 2009
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