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August 1, 2010
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It All Comes Back
7 stanzas

this is so beautiful.
sweet but empty euphoria:
it still envelops me completely.

send me home now.
for so long i've been lost:
here in a bleeding wasteland.

your voice reverberates
it's like a rainbow waterfall:
tossed over the edge into insanity.

those eyes still exhaust me.
the ocean laps calmly at their shores:
and blue waves burn gold in this sunset.

it all comes back to you, love.
my heart beats in your ears again:
stolen by hands painted in dark rage.

but this is too perfect.
i'm close enough to touch your skin:
sands i once swam in like cool waters.

this is so beautiful.
tell me once more why you left me:
send me over that waterfall's edge.
i wrote this yesterday while i was IN THE CAR WITH HIM. yeah.

like.. gen went into the gas station and left us in the car alone xD i was all like... hm... that's nice... i'm gonna write a poem now. xDDD

yay for iphones.
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