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In Oblivion
8 stanzas

so just cover me completely
in heavy layers of oblivion.
close the coffin then, darling.
go ahead, send me on my way.

steal my soul from my flesh;
separate me from my mind.
extract these hurtful memories
of adoring eyes and safe arms.

stop the pulse that binds me here,
and bring this story to a close.
turn the key and lay my shackles
on rusting floors to erode.

force me to forget what pains me.
paint yourself into the clouds.
i want to change; it needs to end:
this constant pressure on my heart.

unravel every knot we tied
while you're burning all our ropes.
reduce soft happiness to ashes
with infinite hate, never yielding.

you hurt me so effortlessly,
even when you're out of sight,
but i won't cry anymore, love.
never again. not over you.

so step away to let me raise
the mast of my new beginning.
i'll lie alone on warm beaches;
the ones that you can't touch.

embrace what you've given us:
freedom in such sweet solitude.
forget me like you wish you could.
cover me completely in oblivion.
this is basically me talking to zach, but not really talking to him at all. it's more of me telling myself to let him continue doing what he's doing, but not let myself be hurt by it. how? by ignoring and avoiding it [it meaning any kind of communication and what not].

i haven't cried in like three days, so this is kind of a record for me within the last couple of months.
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July 15, 2010
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