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Excuses, Excuses.
16 stanzas

i don't want to smell like you
i don't want to taste your kiss
or feel the repetition of your fingertips

But I'm still deep in love, you see.
Oh, how I have tried to banish it.
This wrenching ache will not subside.

i don't want your heavy embrace
i don't want your quiet stares
or your soft whispers in the night

But I'm torn from who I used to be.
An animal now occupies my flesh.
I'm suffocating deep within my shame.

i don't want another second best
i don't want a timid hero's touch
or feeling like i'm just a dog's master

But I'm happily drowning in memory.
I'm smiling at the old pictures of him.
The tears flow, for I cannot stop them.

i don't want to hurt anyone else
i don't want to ruin my new chance
or destroy the present with the past

But I'm listening to his perfect voice.
He's like the shoulder angel I never had.
I refuse to deny the love I hold close.

i don't want to touch your hands
i don't want to feel your warmth
or hide inside of a boy i don't love

But I'm simply a piece of his puzzle.
That, and he is, of course, part of me.
We are one person in two worlds.

i don't want to break another heart
i don't want to feel the knives of guilt
or crumble again in the face of beauty

But I'm sorry, I think, at least.
I apologize for things I can't control.
Love is an emotion that I won't force.

i don't want you to caress me
i don't want you to lull me into sleep
or submerge me into your dreamland

But I'm swimming in my pity stream.
Dancing in a downpour of rusted lies.
Somehow I've made myself believe.

i don't want this fake world anymore
i don't want to be painfully patient
or wait for love that will never return

But I want to smell like him, you see.
I want to taste his kiss forever and on.
He is the gold at every rainbow's end.
i really like this one. i wrote it this morning. for some reason my poem muse is the best right before i go to bed and right away when i wake up. it's weird. Dx

I USED INDENTATIONNNNN so you freaks could pick up the style changes easier. every other stanza, obviously. it's like i'm talking to myself but talking to another person while talking to no one ALL AT THE SAME TIME BWAHAHAHAHAHA.

this is me trying to justify my actions (or lack of actions), but not doing to well.

referring to last night's fuck up. e,,e
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June 25, 2010
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