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Every Embrace
8 stanzas

every embrace held its own story
and every kiss was a work of art
maybe someday you'll return to me
to finally heal this shattered heart

every held hand was a lightning bolt
and every glance could melt the stars
please take me back to perfect love
darling, help me melt these iron bars

every calming breath grew flowers
and every soft touch created waves
i told you that i remember everything
from our open skies to cool ice caves

every word you said stole my heart
and every salty tear was wiped away
so why did you leave this love behind?
why have you let my hurt soul decay?

every wound was healed with trust
and every sunrise was free and warm
i know now that i froze your passion
and so you gladly fed me to the swarm

every fire was tamed with strength
and every ocean was met with light
there was one ocean we didn't cross
only because you gave up the fight

every time i close these soaked eyes
and every time i see your happy smile
i still ask and beg and plead and pray
that Time could turn back for a while

every embrace bled its own magic
and every kiss was perfection in a jar
please see the pain you left behind
love again; let's return to who we are
i wrote this this morning after i had a very strange dream about zach; in which we were together again and happy. this obviously made me cry. yay for everyday happenings. =,,=
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June 21, 2010
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