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Birds To Butterflies
5 stanzas

people tell me you're not worth my time
they say you're not worth my waiting
not worth my suffering and my heavy pain
it's okay, though, because i believe in you

people tell me to get on my way now
they try to pull me with leafy green hands
but all i can feel is your skin's texture
all i see is an infinite kaleidoscope of you

people tell me of how you'll never return
they try to torch my flesh with such ideas
my skin burns with only one thing now
and that's the sweat you bring to my palms

people tell me that your heart is made up
they don't know that, love; only you do
i've seen such tables turn over in the fire
and i'll wait here until the forests grow back

people tell me you've gone far away
they say you left, but i know that they're wrong
for i saw you here before me just seconds ago
when our eyes met and birds turned into butterflies
here's a short one. i was having trouble thinking of a title until i wrote the last line. xD i was gonna call it "What People Say" up until that point, but "Birds To Butterflies" sounded more intriguing.
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July 6, 2010
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