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Bef's 2012 Summary of Art by Befera Bef's 2012 Summary of Art by Befera
Here's my 2012 summary of art!
I'm gonna do what I did last year and say a thing about each manip.
If you want to see 2011, here it is.

- - -

January - Mulligan
Mulligan was one of the biggest color changes I did pretty much ever. I remember being really proud of his pic and of him as a charr.

February - Brecken
I think this was either an art trade or a commission, but I really had fun making it and Brecken's neck scar is cool. :D

March - Ayla
I really wanted to make a dapple grey arabian charr for RLTW that wasn't Mirica, so Ayla happened. I remember her tail being really annoying. xD

April - Galatea
Named after a character in the anime Claymore, Galatea was kind of a fulfillment of a horse color I've always wanted for a charr: mulberry grey. Her pic was fun to make, but I think I could have done a lot better on it if I would have spent more time on her mane and tail.

May - Vega
I was compelled to make a second Vega picture, and I absolutely love this one. Her scars came out really well, but again, I wish I would have spent more time on her mane and tail.

June - Nirvana
Ran says this is one of my best manips to date, but I disagree. Nirvana is an awesome charr and Atticus looks really really good in this pic, but Nirv's markings are incorrect for how I picture them to be, and her mane and tail really needed to be redone and the highlights aren't very good. I definitely plan to make a second picture of her at some point, as this one does not do her justice.

July - Mesonox
I really like this manip, but for some reason I went through a period when I wouldn't even bother to go in and smudge the part of the mane right on top of the horse's heads, and this is one of those manips. Again, if I would have just spent a little more time on this, I think it would have came out a lot more realistic and detailed.

August - Mirica
This is the last manip I made on Doxy, my old laptop, and it's fitting that it was the last manip, as Mirica was my first character. This was kind of a lazy manip in my opinion, but I still like it. It's the best manip I've ever done of Mirica.

September - Tsayoga
This was a commission, and the first manip that I really tried to create more lights and shadows in the mane and tail.

October - Cassius
I tried my best here to make the mane and tail have a lot of nice highlights and lowlights, but something still seems off about it to me. Cassius's face markings are my favorite part of this one, and I also really like his red hooves.

November - Essence (RLTW skin logo)
I am super proud of this manip in that I was able to make the snow look pretty good and that I was able to put the markings on well and get them to be the color I wanted, but I don't really like the actual horse stock I used. If I ever make another manip of Essence I'm going to use better stock to make her much hotter. xD

December - Riparian
I am very proud of this manip, especially because I was able to copy the markings accurately from the adoptable I bought. I'm really really excited to rp Rip when I get more time.
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