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Hey! I'm Bef! I make pretty horse manips and I have tons of characters that I rp on Run Like The Wind. I have 9 years of experience in both manip making and horse rping. I'm a recently-graduated Graphic Designer with a Bachelors degree. Check out my gallery, and if you like my stuff, commission me!

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Comms Closed for Now

Sat Nov 15, 2014, 10:25 AM

Gonna be busy for the next month or so.

Hey everyone! I know it's been forever since I've had an ACTUAL journal talking about my life and stuff so I figured I'd update everyone on how things are going. In addition to commissions and junk I've been doing some actual design freelance work which has been really great. As of right now I'm still working at a sandwich shop but I hope to change that over the next few months if I can help it. I'm still living with my amazing wonderful boyfriend and all in all things have been decent. I'm gonna be going to Florida to visit my dad and sister between Xmas and New Year's this year so I'm really excited about that (I still have to buy plane tickets hahaha).

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As the title of this journal states, comms will be closed for a while. I'm really glad that so many people have been interested in commissioning me but I now have 2 commissions and a skin for RLTW on top of the freelance work I'm doing and applying for jobs and I'm also working and keeping up my apartment so I'm gonna close them for a bit just to I can meet everyone's deadlines (aka get the comms done in a timely manner). If anyone still wants to order from me you're welcome to send me a note and I'll put you on a waiting list for when I have comms open again and you won't be obligated to pay until I've officially put you on my to-do-list.

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Lastly I'd like to take a section of this journal to advertise at you. :P

RLTW Map by Befera

Run Like The Wind v6: Evolution

click the text above to visit rltw

RLTW is my home. I've had the privilege of watching it grow and blossom from when I first joined as a skin maker to the even more amazing site it is today, and it is the only site, that's right, ONLY, that has held my interest for more than a few months at a time. It's very special to me and it's a huge part of my life.

We are very active both OOCly and ICly, we've been open since 2005 and have never closed, we allow fantasy characters (as long as they have a real base color and real breed/breeds) to be created on the site without the use of any expensive prizes, and we have a unique plot that isn't anchored on a boring Dark vs. Light plot type. All of our staff members are kind and welcoming, and our members are as well. We are very nice and helpful people and we make a point to include all new members into our family, as well as their characters.

We are intermediate to advanced, though, and our word count is 300 words minimum per IC post.

We are a ProBoards site and use UBBC code.

If you have any questions about RLTW or are thinking about joining and just aren't sure about it, I'd love to talk with you!

In addition, if you join today, November 15th, and let me know that you came to RLTW because of this journal, I will allow you to choose 5 prizes from our store for free, just for joining. <3

- Bef



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